Born 1968, Barbara Miele started taking pictures when she was eighteen.
It was still all analog back then and she shot to keep memory of her family moments and special events, very much like her brother, who had infected her with the photography virus as a teenager, used to do.
Photography grew more and more important to her as an adult, when the need to dig deeper into the issues that really matter to her led her to approach the photographic reportage as a mean “to tell by images”, just her own way.
In order to do so the best way possible, in 2016-2017 she decides to attend the WSP Photo Reportage Masterclass held in Rome by Fausto Podavini, Giovanni Cocco and Paolo Marchetti.
This experience will definitely change her way to look at photography in general and, most of all, at her own way of photographing.
Ever since, she has been trying to infuse in her pictures the real world and her own vision of it, in a mixture that is sometimes blunt and sometimes dreamlike.



Barbara Miele
Via Acacie, 1
Italy, 20090 - Cesano Boscone (MI)


+39 342 7533484


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