Born 1968, I started taking pictures when I was a teenager.
At that time I shot to keep memory of my family moments and special events and to fix on paper the beauty I found everywhere around me.
As an adult, I realized that taking pictures seemed not to be enough to translate into feelings what my eyes saw; this is when I started writing short essays to go with my pictures, or even to look for images to go with my words.
When the need to dig deeper into the issues that really matter to me grew more and more important, I approached the photographic reportage.
In order to learn how to unfold my storytelling at best, I decided to attend the WSP Photo Reportage Masterclass held in Rome by Fausto Podavini, Giovanni Cocco and Paolo Marchetti (2016-2017).
This experience has definitely changed my way to look at photography and the very way I photograph.
If on the one hand I still keep being attracted by formal aesthetic, I have now learned how to see beyond the beauty of the image to find the beauty of the story.



Barbara Miele
79, Ca' di Nieri
Italy, 06010 - Monte Santa Maria Tiberina (PG)


+39 342 7533484


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